Professor Grammar

I or Me - Answers

1) John and me I play cricket.

2) I and he He and I play for the same team.
It's more polite to put the other person first.

3) He is better than I am.
I have changed the above sentence, although it is correct in very, very formal English. In standard spoken English you can say, "He is better than me."

4) Mrs Grammar and I love gardening.

5) She and I also love a day at the seaside.

6) This tea set was chosen by  I  me.

7) Me and my students My students and I enjoy singing.

8) Mrs Grammar received 12 roses from me.

9) Were you trying to phone me?

10) Who is it? - It's me!
In standard spoken English, the above sentence is correct, although it breaks the rule. In very formal English, you could say, "It is I!"

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